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Twitter as we all know, is the king of micro-blogging where you can have conversations on anything from business to diapers to breakfast. Casual chitchat and small talk is what Twitter is all about. Of late, we can find companies using Twitter to exchange ideas and enhance their branding. Making money with the help of twitter is a hot trend attracting millions of people.

The hottest social networking phenomenon right now is Twitter. Twitter is essentially a site that allows its users to exchange messages known as tweets. This is a micro-Blogging service and there is a maximum limit of 140 characters that can be put into a message. As popular as Facebook is today, Twitter has reached great heights of popularity and has attracted users in massive numbers in probably half (or even less than) the time that Facebook took to capture the imagination of the world. While a majority of the world is tweeting, they do not realize that one can make money with Twitter as well.

Given that millions of people use Twitter these days, this is an excellent vehicle to promote and make money with Twitter whether it is for a business, product, website or even your band. Besides the obvious promotional advantages that Twitter offers one can follow a few simple tips given below to make money with Twitter as well:-

Twitter has always attracted the more adult and mature crowd rather than teenagers. Online business promotion possibility has always been high on Twitter and the platform has always focussed on projecting itself as a business utility.

Remember the critical thing in Twitter is about building your network. Keep building and adding to friends/followers and keep tweeting!


Gary Spence is an established Internet Marketer and thrives from helping others make money on the internet.

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