Twitter Treasure Chest review: a good resource for Twitter beginners

Garry M. Sayer's 20-page report "Monetize Twitter" is mostly designed to promote Twitter Treasure Chest. However, it also contains some good information for absolute beginners on Twitter.If you already know your way around Twitter, this report isn't for you. That said, "Monetize Twitter" is a great free introduction to Twitter for any absolute beginners out there, despite some unnecessary repetitions throughout the text.Unlike many of these free reports,  "Monetize Twitter" also touches on the down side of Twitter: such as what a time suck it can turn into once you get "into" it, and how the constant distractions that come with that avalanche of non-stop tweets can effect your productivity.The report also debates the pros and cons of having more than one Twitter account; say, one for business and another that's personal. Now that it's easier to manage multiple accounts with Twitter clients like MarketMeTweet and TweetAdder, this option is becoming more popular.To that end, "Monetize Twitter" suggests "streamlining" tools to keep you productive and manage multiple accounts. Of course, I highly recommend MarketMeTweet.The report mentions other apps I've never used like TweeTake (designed to back up your Twitter account info), and a search engine called Twitterment."Monetize Twitter" isn't really an accurate title. This report should have been called "How To Be More Productive On Twitter." The good news is, the report doesn't just nakedly promote Twitter Treasure Chest – you have to click through to the author's main link on the first page to even notice that.However, unless you are a total Twitter newbie, there won't be a lot here you don't already know.Then again, "Monetize Twitter" is free, so you have nothing to lose. You can always get Twitter Treasure Chest directly and get all the goodies right away.

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