Selling Art on Facebook – Identifying the Characteristics of the Niche Audiences For Your Piece

An important part of making use of the full power of Facebook to sell art lies in learning to use its powerful niche market tools. Any given piece of artwork is usually not going to have general mass market appeal and we generally do not have the budgets necessary to try to create that. The realistic alternative is to try to determine narrowly and concretely defined groups of people to show the work to and to engage in a dialog about the work. Each piece of artwork you create is going to connect most strongly with people of certain backgrounds, perspectives, occupations or current situations. Identify and define each of these groups of potential fans for the piece. Then, create a tab on that piece's Facebook Fan Page and create a Facebook Ad that speaks directly to each group of people. Draw them into your fan page and get them engaged with the artwork.

As a bit of background, we are interested in the approach to selling artwork on Facebook that centers around building Facebook Fan Pages for each individual piece of artwork. This is a far different approach than building fan pages around an artist and their entire body of work or around a gallery or exhibition. All of these types of fan pages and websites have their place and purpose but selling a specific work of art is not it. Our focus is on how to get a particular piece of art out there, build a following, encourage a dialog in the safe environment of Facebook, create the environment where people can connect emotionally, build the piece's investment and status potential through a growing and committed fan base and get the work into the right hands.

Back to identifying the specific groups of people who might find your piece of artwork irresistible...

Usually, the first group is easy to identify. To you, the artist, what is the piece about and who are you talking to? It is likely you have something in mind as the creator. Identify that primary group of people and define it.

Here are some examples:

1) To you, the piece is about rage. Build a Facebook Fan Page tab for the piece talking about the rage perspective on the piece. Then, create a Wall posting and Facebook Ad that leads people into the tab who have rage on their mind or who collect artwork depicting rage.

2) Your piece is about the color purple. Build a fan page tab focusing on how the piece explores the concept and color of Purple. Create a Wall posting and Facebook Ad talking to people interested in purple to bring them in and make them fans of your piece.

3) You created your artwork as a commentary on a current political situation. Create a fan page tab for your piece that discusses the topic and build a post and ad to bring in the potential fans and collectors of the piece.

Once you have your campaigns running about why you created the piece ask your friends, family and total strangers to give you their feedback on the piece. Be quiet. You are looking for perspectives, niche markets, that you had not thought of. If you tell them what it is about that is what you will hear. Combine what they say with what you know about them and define other potential groups of people this piece could be talking to. Build campaigns that talk to these new groups of people and add them to your efforts to build the fan page audience for the piece.

Once you have fans engaged in a dialog listen to what they say too. It is very likely that additional potential groups of interested people will be suggested by the dialog happening on the Wall. You will have the methods by which you want to be contacted with inquiries or purchases as well. Listen carefully in these conversations. More perspectives and additional potential niche markets often come to light in these interactions.

As you build a following for each piece do not ignore the fans once they are there. Spur dialog with the group (be sure to set the page permissions to allow fans to post to the Wall or it will be a monologue). Help them to bring the piece to life for themselves. Encourage them to contribute to the life of the piece in the safe conversational environment of Facebook. If you have ever tried to do this in a gallery or exhibition you know how hard it is when face to face. The social safety of the internet and of Facebook makes it far easier to encourage real dialog. Do not pass up the opportunity. As your fans for the piece increase in number and activity the process has the potential to take on a life of its own. At this point, any of the fans who might want to own the piece can see that their emotional connection is shared by others, overcoming their nervousness about what people will say when the piece is seen in their home. Interested fans can see the growing investment and status potential of the piece in the growing fan base if that is where their interest comes from. The growing numbers and activity give your piece credibility and exposure that has previously only been possible in high end galleries and museums combined with auction house success and media coverage. Now you can get to the same end either directly or in concert with your gallerist, whichever situation applies to your art practice.

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