How to Use Twitter for Marketing

The World Wide Web has become a vast interactive media for people to interact and socialize with others around the world that many programmers, techies, and web professionals call this phenomenon the web 2.0 evolution. This so-called web 2.0 is used to refer to applications that have done what their predecessors couldn’t do. People are able to create websites that are able to integrate sharing of media and at the same time real-time interaction between registered members from different parts of the world. Another example is micro-blogging, which is where Twitter, Plurk and other related websites are located in. Not only does this allow people to tell the world about their day in just one sentence, it also becomes an online marketing opportunity with a twist. There are a lot of ways on how to use twitter for marketing and this article is going to give you a few tips on how to turn a normal Twitter account into a money-making machine. These tips will not only increase your chances of gaining more customers but it will also allow you to build fun and interactive relationships between you and you clients. Here’s how you do it:

• The first thing you do is to sign up for a Twitter account and complete your profile. Make sure that if you’ll be using twitter for marketing, use a username that is related to your online business so that it will be easier for your customers to identify you. • Second, which is the fun part, is to start writing updates and posting them in your Twitter page. You can post anything that you want, whether it be news or an article related to the products you are selling in your online business, and include a one-line or two-line comment with it.

• Third is to follow other Twitter profiles and gain new friends. You can do this by surfing the World Wide Web through blogs, Facebook profiles, and the like until you see a Twitter box indicating what these people are doing. You can then click on the “Follow” button to instantly follow their updates. Usually they would follow you back and you will be surprised how one follower can turn into a whole audience in just a few weeks.

• To be able to promote your business through Twitter, it is best that you know how to post URLs in your updates along with your comments. But since Twitter only allows 140 characters in one update, most Twitter users would use to shorten their links.

• Lastly, try to monitor conversations in Twitter about your company or anything related to your online business. This is especially useful for online marketers who want to know just how popular their reputation, whether it is about their companies or themselves, in Twitter. There is a search engine in the website that shows just how many updates are directly related to certain keywords, so if you want to find out if your company reputation is increasing, just type in the necessary keywords.

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