How to Make Money Using Twitter

Whenever you see headlines and titles of articles that talk about the different ways to make money using twitter, you might as well leave these websites and save yourself from wasting any reading time. This is because most of these articles talk about how to make money directly through one’s tweets or updates in Twitter by posting ads about one’s products and services, hosting and sponsoring contests and other kinds of promos and events, and the like. These methods more or less have failed to really gain any convertible traffic to one’s business since most of the time people don’t really care or are annoyed with ads and promotional tweets in Twitter. They would instantly block any Twitter user with a business-related username from following their tweets since all they are ever going to see are promotional ads and links to sales pages and the like.

No, this isn’t how you make money using twitter. Twitter is basically a social networking website, more of a micro-blog that allows people to update personal thoughts and events through one or two sentences that are made up of 140 characters only. It allows people to make friends over the net and gives them a chance to know what each person is doing by “following” their tweets everyday. If you’re planning on using Twitter as a marketing tool, then don’t fall for those tips that insist that direct marketing through Twitter will boost sales and increase web traffic tremendously. It will not only waste a lot of people’s time but it will also ruin your reputation as an internet marketer as many will assume you are only a member of Twitter for the money possibilities and opportunities.

But despite the disadvantages, Twitter can be a marketing tool when used for its right purposes. Since it is a social networking site, you can use it to build strong and real relationships with people all over the world. You can post links to videos and images from different websites that might interest them, allowing your circle of friends or networks to grow in number. Once you are able to gain enough followers, that’s the time you can seep in content of your own that will lead them to visit your online website, thus building more traffic. What’s more, you aren’t only gaining more traffic but are building a list of some of the most loyal and reliable customers you can ever have through Twitter.

As mentioned before, it is possible to make money using twitter. As long as it is done correctly and with the right approach, people will instantly follow you, become interested in what your tweets are about, and will eventually take a look at the business that you are managing online. Adding content from other websites like Facebook or Flickr also helps in keeping your followers updated and interested in what you have to say. And since they trust you enough, they won’t hesitate to perform transactions with you as an online seller.

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