5 Reasons to Follow Oprah on Twitter

When the media heard that Oprah had landed real estate on Twitter everyone turned their heads. Why would a person who can easily command the attention of people all over the world need to connect to Twitter. Its simple Twitter provides an easy way to immediately get the pulse of your audience. It is clear that anyone that does not keep up with innovation on the internet will be left behind. Oprah has a tremendous amount to gain from becoming active on Twitter. Oprah will be able to do a different type of outreach to her fans. Maybe the tweets will be received on the program in real time. It's a whole new world.
Here are five reasons that Oprah is on Twitter and you should be too.
1. Twitter provides immediate market research
2. Millions of potential new relationships
3. Immediate feedback on the popularity of a topic
4. Oprah immediately gets an opportunity to share her thoughts
5. Twitter is a resource that can represent innovative partnership opportunity
Oprah's seems excited to find out that Twitter is a quick global vehicle to communicate her values. It's no surprise that Oprah would attract such attention to Twitter. She has been an American icon for the last 20 years. She has an active audience in the millions. Oprah started a magazine and it can be read all over the world. Oprah is an instant success for company recognition. Twitter is one more way that she has simply found a way to instantly create her own banding. You can count on Oprah to reinvent the nature of good Twitter content.

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