To Twitter Or Not To Twitter-Is It Sweet To Tweet? founder Brent Hoberman described it as "a fascinating zeitgeist tool. It's an excellent way of understanding trends, seeing what people are talking about and what's firing their imaginations. It also feeds into our celebrity culture; the nosiness that makes us human. There is always someone out there having a better time than you and you want a bit of it. "Brent is not alone; Barack Obama has been at it for ages.. diflucan tablets online.Right now it is the place to be, it's got the PR and the momentum but it does not have the revenue model at present and it's purely venture capital funded.To the uninitiated, messages are known as tweets and people who read your messages are called followers. Then there is the particular Twitter culture and mode of behaviour: sociability is enhanced by retweeting messages you find illuminating by rebroadcasting them to your followers. Among hardcore users, gratuitous self-promotion is frowned upon.Twitter has stumbled upon a formula that a whole generation of internet start ups has been searching for: a way for people to connect with friends, express themselves and find information that stands a chance of one day becoming as popular as other mass online trends such as blogging and social networking.Three years old, the Silicon Valley company only has 29 employees whilst the basic service will remain free, business users as on Linked In may be charged for extra functions. Meanwhile there is a viral network effect which is giving it great growth. The Twitter phenomenon has much to do with the fundamental simplicity of the idea. Operating at a juncture of blogging, texting and social networking, the service defies easy categorisation. "Because it is undergoing such rapid evolution, it's hard to slap a label on it" says Peter Fenton a partner at Benchmark Capital, who has joined Twitter's board.

I am currently a Director of Impact Executives which is a Global Interim Management provider (part of the Harvey Nash Group) and in this role I am at the frontline of dealing with senior clients and candidates across a wide range of change, HR and resourcing issues. I have extensive commercial experience gained through general management and board roles within both Plc's and also through running my own businesses. I have over 18 years international experience of providing cross-functional resourcing solutions to both global businesses and start-ups. I specialise in the following sectors: Technology, Media, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, and Local Authorities. Visit my blog at or the Impact Executives website at

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