Twitter and Facebook Marketing Comparison

Most businesses have realized by now that social media (SM) is the new frontier in marketing. Of the many choices, Facebook and Twitter have become the standout social media platforms for most new marketing initiatives. With millions of users worldwide, both Twitter and Facebook are excellent avenues to pursue and are quickly becoming an essential part of a good marketing plan.Twitter and Facebook both have their pros and cons. If you must choose only one of these avenues, think carefully about how your customers/clients communicate with you before deciding on one or the other. We're going to look at just the "free" aspects of this type of marketing. (These will cost time and resources, but not actual cash like Facebook ads or promoted tweets.)For the most part, Facebook has established itself as the place to connect and reconnect with friends and family. While it is possible to have an "open" profile that allows strangers to find you, Facebook users are looking for people and products they already know. Brand new connections are more likely made through referrals rather than on a whim or search by the user. Your challenge is to make your repeat customers and clients return to your page again and again and subsequently refer others to do the same.You can do this by making a special landing page for your "fans" that has premium content or special offers, set up a "Discussions" tab that allows people to chat about different aspects of your business, even set up special "Events" like store openings, product launches, free days, symposiums, etc. Most importantly, post interesting comments, links, photos, and videos look at these guys. Your main aim with social media in general is to get conversations going and keep your audience interested. Research shows that people are more likely to remain on your page/site if you have pictures and videos. So make your page as visual as you can!

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