Tips to get traffic from Twitter

Twitter is fast becoming one among the most used micro blogging sites. SEO experts regard it to be highly useful in driving traffic to a website. Twitter is very simple to use and therefore becomes a very powerful tool in SEO building. Owing to the hundreds of followers you can accumulate on a Twitter account, spreading the word about your website should be a pretty straightforward task.


Here are a few tips to help in your effort to get traffic from Twitter.



However, one thing you must try to avoid is overdoing it. Don't tweet too much or comment unnecessarily on other tweets. This will make you appear over eager and put off people from participating in your profile. Keep the momentum going but don't exaggerate it.


Apart from all these, you can ask your friends on Twitter to spread the word. If your friends can re-tweet a post with a link to your website, it spreads across to their followers and then goes on from there. This is one of the quickest ways to let more people know about you and your site.


So go on, make some friends on Twitter, build some relationships, and let them help you build and drive traffic to your site in turn.

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