Making Money Online – 4 Tips on the Do’s an Don’ts of Making Money With Twitter

Can anybody make money from Twitter?? Well, in short the answer is YES, anybody with a Twitter account and a paypal or clickbank account can make money with Twitter! Does everybody make money from Twitter? Absolutely not!! My conservative guess would be that less than 5% of Twitter users make any serious cash using it. So what is Twitter? In short, it is the latest "hot property" on the internet used by millions as a social media tool. To put it simply, people set up a free account and let other people know (their followers) what is going on in there lives in 140 characters or less! Sound fascinating? Not really, but amazingly, this has become absolutely huge!! It is basically the "big brother" effect on line.

So why are so few people making money with Twitter? There are numerous reasons. People that use Twitter seem to naturally split into two groups; the first are those who use it purely as a social outlet and a "spying" mechanism on their friends and famous celebrities! The second group are the blatant "in your face" marketers who are willing to offer you anything to make a sale!! So it comes as no real surprise then that neither of these groups is making cash with Twitter as one isn't trying to sell at all and the other is trying way too hard! Where you want to be is somewhere in the middle, in the third group of smart Twitter users who know just the right blend of entertainment, interesting discussion topics and business advertisements in order to make a nice sum of cash from your followers each week. I currently make money from Twitter and I have written guidelines that I advise Twitter users to follow if they wish to make cash online. I will share some of the Do's and Don'ts here.

Don't #1: Don't be too aggressive

It's very tempting when you get started on Twitter or even if you are using it for quite a while to follow as many followers as possible so that you can build your list of followers asap. Don't do this! My advice is when you get started, do not follow more than 200 people than are following you until you have over two thousand followers.

Don't #2: Don't just send tweets that are attempts at making sales

If you only send tweets that are blatant attempts to sell to your followers, they will very quick recoil and most likely will unfollow you. It may well be considered spam by Twitter also which will very quickly get your account suspended.

Do #1: Do make your followers laugh

The best possible thing you can do to keep your followers, get new followers, and get RT's (retweets from your followers to their followers) as well as getting recommended as a great tweeter, is to make your followers laugh (or at a minimum smile!). I go out of my way to ensure that I am making my followers laugh at least once every hour so that I can help brighten up their day in some little way if nothing else.

Do #2: Do use it to sell but do so carefully and be generous

Twitter is clearly a tool that provides you with an amazing opportunity to reach a huge audience and get free traffic to websites. It can be used as a sales tool and I certainly have used it in this manner in a very successful way. I have learnt the right and wrong way of doing business through twitter however here are two HUGE tips. A. Start out by giving huge value to your followers for free, which can take the form of a free ebook on an area of interest to them which is in line with your product(s). B. People love reviews. Your followers love your reviews! Whether you know it or not, your followers want what you want so send them to videos of you on the web promoting either your products or your affiliate products.

With over 500 million users, Facebook is by far the greatest marketing arena online. But to take advantage of this amazing tool, it is always a good idea to get a head start on your competition and Facebook Fans. Visit today!

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