How to use Twitter to improve your business?

Initially developed as an instant messaging tool with a limit of 140 characters, Twitter has grown into a powerful marketing tool and is used extensively by internet marketers, SEO service providers, and website development and designing companies to promote and build a strong online presence. People swear by Twitter these days and we will discuss different ways of how to use this tool to boost your sales and improve business.

Twitter is a wonderful medium for free publicity, as it creates brand awareness and builds a relation based on trust with potential customers. An enterprise can convey it to the people about its latest product offering and future work. So instead of maintain an in house marketing and branding team, companies are getting attracted to Twitter in greater numbers than ever because of its viral nature. This type of publicity ensures greater product visibility and increases revenue.

A company can build up its own set of followers as it gives the consumers a broad platform and more choice. Classic examples are Dell and HP. Dell increased its sales by a massive scale when it started promoting their products on Twitter. Taking the cue, every company nowadays has a separate Twitter page dedicated wholly to Twitter responses and users. Twitter attracts web traffic and is changing the business landscape on a global scale.

Using Twitter wisely and strategically is every company’s prerogative to increase its SEO ROI and guarantee more hits to the web site. This is the age of social media. The more social a company is the more visitors it will attract. This is gradually becoming a challenging domain for SEO analysts and webmasters.

Twitter has replaced newsletters to a large extent, and a company is offering its latest updates, news to its customers on the go and at a better pace. If it is running a website related to classifieds or web directory, it can share the updates like new items in the list. Twitter allows a business to attract a target audience to its business website or content. Searching twitter, often people try to find the persons of their interest. In this way, if you are someone offering business consulting services, people in search of your service might follow you. Twitter is a great platform for idea exchange and sharing of knowledge resources amongst interest groups, peers and associates. Now those having business blogs can easily post some new content and tweet it for view by the followers.

Twitter can help a business stay ahead of the competition. It can analyze its competitors’ marketing and branding strategies and can devise ways and means to counter those. Using Twitter, a business can reach out to maximum pool in minimum time, using minimal resources. This has certainly become a challenge for web designers and developers, who have to design websites, conforming to the strictest industry standards, so that the site comes out tops in search engine queries. SEO experts have to come up with ingenious optimization and Web Designing Services to edge out the rat race in the online world.

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