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Most of you know by now what Twitter is and how it works. You may even have a Twitter account and some of of your friends following you. But, do you know how to use Twitter to advertise your website free? I'm not talking about a couple hundred more followers in months...I'm taking about THOUSANDS of Followers in a few months.

Wait a minute, you haven't heard about Twitter?

Twitter is a "micro-blogging" site that allows you to post short "tweets" or posts about your daily activities. Or your thoughts. Or your products. Or anything. Not to sound trite, but Twitter is the new My Space/Facebook. Twitter is the "it" site. And YOU can still get in there early and be a superstar.

How early is it?

Well, Oprah just joined a few months ago. Oprah is the Queen of Marketing and Mass Communication, and she just joined.

Twitter followers are just like MySpace friends, or Facebook friends. These are the people that will read your Tweets. For those of you that are using, or are going to use Twitter for marketing purposes, you will need a completely automated Twitter growth system if you want to set a system up once and forget about it.

So, how much and how fast can you grow your Twitter following with an automated system?

How does 20,000 new Twitter followers in 6 months grab you? How about 500 new Twitter followers in 24 hours? Does that wake you up, grab hold of you and shake you a little?

All these followers can translate into "organic" traffic for your website or blog. You don't have to be an international celebrity to be a Twitter Superstar.

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