This is what happens when the CIA invests in your company!

Leena Rao over at Tech Crunch just posted that Visible Technologies raised 22 million for social media monitoring software.

How great is that!  These guys will know what everyone eats for lunch and when everyone is looking for a good place to eat when they get off the train at penn station...!!!

I would like to see a feature that sends out penalty flags for people that post too many pictures of themselves on social media sites. There should be a narcissism alert that gets sent to you automatically when you post unacceptable pictures or too many pictures.

Serioulsy.  This is great news.  Power to the people!  Social Media is really putting the power of influence in the hands of the people and that is great for the world.

Visible Technologies will just need to shorten their name and they might be able to build a successful company.  LMAO

If you want to read the story on tech crunch.  Check it out.  Tech Crunch

Social media monitoring startup Visible Technologies has raised a whopping $22 million in Series C funding from Investor Growth Capital with Centurion Holdings, Ignition Partners, In-Q-Tel and WPP participating in the round. This round brings the startup’s total funding to $34 million.

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