Social Media Monitoring is good for everyone!

Every organization now has another job to do.  It is now vital to play an ative role in listening to your existing and potential customer base.  If you want to maintain your brand or even begin to thinka about growing your company it is vital to understand what people are saying.  Social Media Monitoring is unlike any other tool available for companies, institutions, politicans, small businesses, movie producers, doctors, record labels, and anyone else that sells products, services, needs votes, or wants to be heard.  Social Media Monitoring gives you insight as to what the masses are saying, doing, and thinking.  At no other time in history has something like social media monitoring existed.

It is the equivilant of being able to listen in on everyones conversation.  It is crazy, at the same time very useful for talker and and the listeners.  The reason why social media is so valuable to the talkers is that it gives us all a voice as powerful as CNN or the New York Times.  Power is no in the hands of many and not just a few.

If you do not belive in the power of social median monitoring.  Listen to this:  In 2009 the CIA’s technology arm In-Q-Tel invested an undisclosed amount of money in Visible Technologies.  Visible Technologies is a firm that provides software to companies like Microsoft for social media monitoring.

Twenty Ten:  Everyone is talking and soon everyone will be listening.  I predict the world is going to become a better place to live thanks to social media and social media monitoring.

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