Using Twitter Effectively to make Money

There is immense potential for various business activities you can use Twitter for. You can make your presence felt on the online community and advertise your offerings to bring in money. But there are some key factors to bear in mind in using this medium effectively. Below are some tips:Build followers. The secret of driving traffic to your website, through twitter,  and converting this traffic to sales is based on the number of followers of your Twitter page. Create a solid bio that gives clear meaning to your business which will encourage strangers to follow your tweets. The true value of advertising through Twitter is only achieved by a loyal follower-turned-client base. Having followers is like advertising by word-of-mouth, but better, word spreads spontaneously through your followers who have their own followers who they themselves have followers and so on and so on. Gain followers and watch your advertising campaign grow upon itself creating free publicity for you products and/or services. This growth is given further strength when you encourage your followers to re-tweet your own tweets within their own Twitter page.

Offer great promotions and free stuff. Promos and free stuff will always nab people's attention. Using these to your advantage on Twitter will  gain you followers. Promote contests, weekly and daily deals, free products and/or services or gift coupons. These offerings will entice Twitter users to check your profile, leading them to becoming a fan. Once they become fans you can use this fan base to promote future deals, which will expand your sales and further increase your fan base.

No cost Publicity. Using Twitter to announce the re-launch of a product or service, or using it to announce a new product or service will inform your customers and the world all about it. What's better, this publicity bares no cost to you, just time and effort from you to pull it off.

Connect with your clients. Satisfied customers are the foundation to any business. You can use Twitter to connect with your customers, to listen to them and to apply what you hear into action. Twitter offers you an opportunity to invite your customers to share their experience and give feedback about your offerings. If you can address the issues of customers, it will help promote your business, create a brand image and build confidence with customers in the products and services you provide.

Twitter users equal potential customers. Customers don't find you - you find them. Use Twitter search in your campaign to find clients. Type in the keywords about the products and or services you offer and there could be hundreds of listings of people tweeting - all potential clients for the taking.

Find the leads and send a friendly tweet to potential clients about your services. Don't spam or hit potential clients with a full pitch, just offer your service with a link to your site. Also be sure your Twitter profile outlines your expertise with links back to your site, portfolio or other information about your services.

Twitter can be a powerful tool to use to promote your business, to find customers and to hear feedback from your current customers. The initial results of using Twitter can be small, but hang tight, for once the ball starts rolling it will continually keep going with your continual push and your business will grow.



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