Customizing Your Twitter Background

Twitter is the newest craze in social media, melding Facebook statuses with a microblog, Twitter has attracted the likes of Average Joes and celebrities alike, continuing the make blur the lines between the famous and the non-famous. No matter who you are, you can now update your Twitter to whatever is on your mind as long as it is within Twitter's 140 character limit, that is.
Once you sign yourself up for a Twitter account and following people, you start to notice that wide array of customized Twitter pages out there. The biggest part of Twitter customizing is the backgrounds for the pages. Soon you will be ready to venture out into the world of having your very own customized background. The follow steps can be taken to secure your very own customized Twitter background to express yourself on the hottest social media website.
First of all, if you are not signed up with Twitter yet, do so! The only way to customize your Twitter background is by having an account in the fist place. After you have your very own Twitter page, you are going to have to decide on what type of background you want. If you do not already have a picture to use, a quick Google search will open up a plethora of sites that offer free backgrounds for you. Once you have decided on a background, save it to your hard drive where you will easily find it again when the time comes to use it.

Nathan Martyn is webmaster of Christian Wallpaper, providing a large collection of Christian Twitter Backgrounds and Twitter Images. Categories include Jesus, Cross, God and Heaven.

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