Syndicate Content? What is Syndicating Content & Why Should You Be Doing It

Check out this video If an internet marketer produces some killer content and no one ever sees it, does he make any money? The answer is no. You need to syndicate your content. Content Syndication. First off, what the heck does syndicating content mean? In the context of internet marketing, an example of content is an article or video or blog post you make. Syndication - means to publish or broadcast material (content) simultaneously in a number of channels. Traditionally this would be TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPERS - think ABC for TV and the associated press for newspapers. But for online marketing purposes, we're talking about video sites, social media sites, social bookmarking sites etc. So when you make, say, a video and want to syndicate it - you first upload it to youtube, then blast it out to other video sites using tubemogul or trafficgeyser. Then you can post it to your blog and then ping your blog to sites like Digg and Propeller. Also twitter it and post a notice or bulletin on facebook and myspace. What this does is announce to the world wide web your content from a multitude of high ranking sites, thus increasing your chances of having people see it, because it doesn't matter how good your content is for marketing purposes if no one ever sees it. Very Important that you don't syndicate crap because it will hurt you. For example, posting blatant 'rah rah' marketing and promotion of your program turns people off. People are so done with that stuff. 3 ...

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