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From Auto Tweeters To Follow Friday – Understanding Twitter For Business

From auto tweeters to hash tags, and from 'Follow Friday' to retweets, getting to grips with Twitter can be something of a battle. There's no denying the fact that as an online marketing tool Twitter is one of the best ways of getting your message out there, of developing brand awareness, boosting brand visibility and […]

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Facebook Applications Development for vital business concerns

With the kind of strangled web that businesses are surrounded with today, a number of business concerns find their operations and though processes notched up with critical and vital issues of unique nature. Simplest solutions for businesses have lost their charm and in order to find a business solution that helps serve your purpose perfectly […]

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Using Twitter For Customer Service

Customer Service, which sometimes has a negative connotation, if done correctly, can be amazing. Twitter is by far the best tool available right now for customer service because it’s instant and it’s free. With the connectivity made possible by social media, businesses have found a novel way to engage their customers, help them solve their […]

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UFC and Twitter: Digital Royalty and the UFC Twitter Bonus Program

UFC and Twitter: Digital Royalty and the UFC Twitter Bonus Program Bleacher Report's Todd Seyler: Whereas other major sporting promotions are denouncing the utilization of social media, specifically Twitter, by its athletes, the UFC is encouraging their fighters to tweet. Understanding the exponential benefits of Twitter and Facebook, UFC president Dana White has created the […]

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Overcome business hurdles; opt for Application Development on Facebook

With things getting global, every business model is changing. With the emergence of renewed opportunities through changing trading policies and framework; high quality challenges have been given birth to and competition in each and every field has risen tremendously.Facebook Applications Development became a necessary tool for businesses to take up in order to augment their […]

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Lead Generation For MLM – Understanding Facebook Advertising

Thought we would share this with our readers Lead Generation For MLM - Understanding Facebook Advertising Free Online Articles Directory Why Submit Articles? Top Authors Top Articles FAQ ABAnswers Publish Article 0 && $.browser.msie ) { var ie_version = parseInt($.browser.version); if(ie_version Login Login via Register Hello My Home Sign Out Email Password Remember me?Lost Password? […]

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Understanding Web 2.0 Terminology — Part 2

Check out this video In the first part of this article, I explained some of the most common phrases associated with Web 2.0. Here are some more explanations that should help you cut through the jargon. Read/Write Web The internet is no longer a place where users simply view content. Web 2.0 means that users […]

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Understanding the Brain for Marketing

Check out this video Internet marketers are constantly struggling to find out what visitors to their site are consciously thinking about and focusing on, but what about the unconscious behavior of the visitors? According to Dr. Susan Weinschenk of Human Factors International, marketers should spend more time determining the unconscious side since most decision-making is […]

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Social Media Training for Home Business- Understanding the Power

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Understanding the Facebook Terms of Service

Breaking down terms of service contracts.

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